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Here’s one from November 2014 – at me when there were only 32 co ns that were worth more than $1 m ll on n market cap, and 354 co ns that were worth less than $50,000, usually trad ng for t ny fract ons of a cent. It seems l ke everyone and the r dog were launch ng cryptocurrenc es back then, even f they were a long shot to mater al ze nto anyth ng.

Fast forward to today, and th ngs haven’t changed much – many people and compan es are st ll launch ng new cryptocurrenc es through a mechan sm known as an ICO (In t al Co n Offer ng).

Today, there s real money at play, and n 12 months the number of cryptocurrenc es worth >$1 m ll on has soared by 468%. Meanwh le, the total value of all currenc es together has skyrocketed by 1,466%.

Cryptocurrency s so hot, n fact, that ra s ng money through ICOs has become more effect ve than trad t onal early-stage angel and VC fund ng. For the long-t me advocates of B tco n and other cryptocurrenc es, t s now the r moment n the sun. And w th th s ICO act v ty and a wealth of opportun t es emerg ng, a new breed of B tco n m ll ona re has been born.

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