Threat allegation


The majority of people who followed the developments in the government media did not learn that Balikesir Mayor Ahmet Edip Ugur had resigned. Probably having learned that Ugur would make a biting announcement, the mainstream media did not dare show his resignation statement live. However, Ugur expressed a problem that would be unheard of in a democracy. He explicitly stated that he resigned because he could not stand the pressure and threats toward his family. ...In this sense, findings by Deniz Yildirim, who is known for his book “Palace Regime,” on discharged AK Party organization administrators and mayors are important. There is one other thing I have to complain about and do not see how there can be an election in such a political climate. That mayor resists as long as he can. He then caves following the reluctant resignations of other mayors and says he has done so because of threats to his family. Who has threatened the mayor?

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