Investments and acquisitions on the rise for tech and gaming

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Last week, Turkey-based Peak Games sold ts mob le card game stud o to US-based Zynga Inc. for $100 m ll on. Meanwh le, the Turk sh gam ng company has kept ts other successful and prof table gam ng operat ons, Toy Blast and Toon Blast. It s among the top 10 mob le gam ng compan es n the US, accord ng to company reports. Another

Turk sh global gam ng company s Gram Games, wh ch now has ts headquarters n London.

The moves add up to a r se n act v ty for Turk sh or Turkey-based tech and gam ng. South Korean onl ne and mob le gam ng company Netmarble has a reg onal base n Turkey as well as Europe, the M ddle East and Afr ca (EMEA) – and s managed by

Bar s Oz stek, a Turk sh c t zen who s ch ef execut ve of the EMEA d v s on, wh ch s expected to announce new deals soon.

Investor nterest n the tech ndustry s also ga n ng momentum n Turkey. Pr vate equ ty (PE) nvestor act v ty has recently shown an ncrease, w th Turkven nvest ng n M kro Yaz l m and Abraaj’s acqu s t on of a 20% stake n Kayser -based B letall. In add t on, Med terra, another Turk sh PE f rm, nvested n the Turk sh bus ness software company Logo n 2013 and has plans to l st on the Nasdaq.

F rst asset management nvestment

Ak Asset Management nvested n Tr o

Mob l, a Turk sh tech company that prov des veh cle track ng systems and IOT technolog es earl er th s year. The company recently ranked as the n nth-fastest grow ng company n Turkey n Delo tte’s Technology Fast 50 l st. The company grew by 1,100 from ts ncept on n 2011 to 2016, and plans to double ts turnover n 2018. The company, wh ch employs 100 people, has 8,000 corporate cl ents and d str butors n 30 countr es.

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