The US and Israel are forming a front in Riadh


Dunya Executive - - POLITICS -

...We are witnessing the grouping of the whole Arab world in a single axis under the leadership of Crown Prince Muhammad Salman and UAE Crown Prince Muhammad bin Zayed al Nahyan, and giving this axis to US / Israeli interests. (...) Bin Zayed being an enemy of Turkey, supporting even the July 15 coup attempt, targeting whatever belongs to Turkey, giving clear support to terrorist organizations against Turkey, planning and implementing attacks on Turkey through Muhammad Dahlan, who is among the murderers of Yaser Arafat, increases our worries . ... We also see that he proposed a UAE model to Saudi Arabia that was accepted and Israel and the US are behind the project. Some people are trying to drag the entire geographical area into a war over Muhammad bin Zayed, making plans to divide the countries. ...Our geography faces a kind of crusader occupation. Whoever becomes partners with them will lose their geography and homeland. In this period, who is close to the United States is falling apart, never forget it! We see in regard to Turkey, they are shooting their allies first.

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