Anti-Turkey conspirators roaming in Washington


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...Today we see that the feeling in Washington against Turkey is highly dangerous. The one who disclosed the behind-the-scenes sentiment was Steve Bannon, the former head strategist of President Donald Trump. Bannon is telling everyone he speaks to in Washington that “Turkey is the greatest threat to America, even more dangerous than Iran.” According to expert writers on national security, Bannon’s use of the phrase “even more dangerous than Iran” suggests that his subconscious contains the Reza Zarrab case, which is expected to have its first public hearing on Nov. 27. Bannon also targets President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “In terms of America, we are not good at interpreting what is going on under Erdogan’s leadership at this point,” Bannon tells influential people he speaks to, and adds: “We will follow hard upon this.” ...It seems that in Washington some people are determined to try their best to harm Turkey . ... Obviously, I’m afraid that the signs I received independently from various sources are in this direction. Overwhelmingly, news is repeatedly coming from New York where this is the case. American officials in Washington think Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, soon to head to Washington, will try to prevent malicious manipulation of the Zarrab case and they are preparing for it.

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