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The batch of prel m nary Q3 GDP f gures due next week n Emerg ng Europe are l kely to show that growth accelerated n most of the reg on. Wh le the pace of expans on probably softened a touch n Russ a, t appears to have strengthened n Central Europe, poss bly cl mb ng to a s x-year h gh n Poland. And Turkey’s economy could have grown by as much as 10% year-on-year. The Q3 GDP stat st cs are l kely to make for pretty pos t ve read ng. It looks l ke growth accelerated n most countr es n Emerg ng Europe. That sa d, the early s gns are that Q4 won’t be as strong – lead ng nd cators such as the manufactur ng PMIs and the European

Comm ss on’s Econom c Sent ment Ind cators generally dropped back a l ttle n October. Some of the recent props to growth n parts of the reg on won’t be susta ned. Investment n CEE, wh ch has surged th s year on the back of a p ck-up n EU structural fund nflows, s l kely to slow n 2018, wh le loose f scal pol cy and a rap d expans on of cred t n Turkey are unl kely to be susta ned. (Nov. 9)

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