The regime is changing


During the theatre show held in Parliament of the Gallipoli War memorials, the demand of the President of the Assembly prevented women actors from appearing on the stage. It was considered inconvenient for a mother to hug her son. Instead of being a part of the scene, the actresses were lined up on the stairs on both sides and Ataturk portraits were also taken away. With a last minute intervention, the 12-minute show dropped to 4 minutes. “Ladies are not acting, are they? Well done!” Chairperson Kahraman asked before the play, according to rumors. We are at the heart of a regime change process. During this process, Ismail Kahraman’s election for the Spokesperson of the Parliament is not a coincidence. He is a person who has been working patiently since his youth to end the so-called “100-year parenthesis” known as the secular Turkish Republic. He is one of those who organized a meeting against demonstrators protesting the 6th U.S. Fleet that anchored in Istanbul in 1969 on Bloody Sunday, when two people were killed. Is it not obvious why he wanted to remove the secularism principle from the constitution?

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