Fimar Holding focuses on increasing its market share with new investments


Exporter of natural stones including most notably beige marble, Fimar Holding aims to increase its product and customer portfolio with its new investments in Turkey and the Balkans. The company reserves most of its production for export and exports almost 1 million tons of marble to a wide geographical area from China to South Africa from Russia to Gulf countries and Abdulsamet Emmioğlu, CEO of Fimar Holding told that they would start to operate a new quarry this year in Macedonia. Emmioğlu also told that the company process the marble extracted from their quarries in their factories to increase added value and added, “We strive to keep the quality high and the wastage rate low in marble.”

Abdulsamet Emmioğlu told a little about the story of Fimar Holding which started with a marble workshop in Sivas in 1986 and now has activities in many different industries from marble and natural stones to animal husbandry, construction and energy and added that they provided employment opportunities for thousands of people in Turkey and abroad. Emmioğlu told that Macedonia with its important sources of marble and natural stones was a prominent investment location for the company and production in the company’s first quarry in Prilipe region which was opened after necessary permits had been obtained has continued since 2016. Emmioğlu told that the work to open another quarry in the same region within this year still continued.

Emmioğlu told that the company has one quarry in Erdemli which a type of marble the company named Cremera is extracted; one quarry in Karaman for a type of marble named Diana Rosa, and one quarry in Amasya from which the company extracted classic beige and regal marbles and two factories in Amasya and one in Silifke and one in Sivas and added that they improved their machinery with new technologies. Emmioğlu told that they started to extract a marble type which they call Balkan White from the quarry in Macedonia and they reinforced their position in the international markets with this quarry and added, “We have a light coloured marble product with a special character which is rare and most sought after to offer to users.”

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