BRT Marble is preparing for a cut-rock investment of 1 million liras

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BRT Marble starting its operations three years ago, expands the machinery course a little more each year. The company planning to purchase cut-rock with an investment of 1 million liras this year, will increase both its capacity and product variety. Barış Barut, owner of BRT Marble, stating that they can produce bigger plates with the machine, said; “We aim to operate the cut-rock machine within this year. We will be able to provide products up to 200x300 centimeters with the new machine instead of the current products up to 40x300.”

Barış Barut stating that their operations started in 2015, mentioned that they produced with three ST machines, one slim and one bevel machine. Stating that they have a team of 20, Barut said, “We produce in our factory established on 7 thousand 500 square meters, 800 square meters of which is covered. We process the block marbles we get in accordance with the demands of our customers and put them to the market. We provide the products as step, sill and railing to our customers domestically or exported”.

Barut, explaining that 2017 has fallen behind the expectations, yet it was a good year, stated: “We produced 100 thousand square meters. We aim to exceed this number this year. Another aim is to work with customers, who demand more quality products. We will have more often visits to our customers within this scope. We will accelerate these studies after the Marble Fair as these pricings become more clarified during the fair”.

Barut stating that the 40 percent of the products are exported, said “Our products are sent mainly to Arabic countries. As we have n marble quarries of our own, we do not have an objective of direct export. We mainly process Muğla White. This is the most common rock around this region. We perform a significant amount of our sales domestically through our references. We care for quality products. We show ultimate attention in polishing and beveling works”.

Barut pointed out the lack of qualified personnel as the primary problems of the sector and stated, “We find personnel, by carrying them from the surrounding provinces and towns. Web ring personnel from Aydın. Another problem of the natural stone sector is that that competition has been reduced down to price. There are companies giving offers without distinguishing quality. And a customer finding the price appealing does not question”.

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