Meya Mining plans increasing its export by investing to a deposit in Italy


Operating for almost 11 years in the natural stone sector, Meya Mining has started to the year with new investment targets. Stating that 2017 has fulfilled their expectation, Yaşar Kohen, President of Executive Board of Meya Mining, said they had an ‘application’ project, where they could open a deposit in Italy and sell. Sharing the information that the researches for the said deposit is continuing, Kohen said: “Our aim is support the marketing of high quality products and small amount orders to European and other countries”.

Explaining that they have two active quarries one in Adıyaman called Emperador and one in Afyonkarahisar called Meya Grey, Yaşar Kohen stated that from grey quarries in Afyonkarahisar a small amount of a new stone named ‘peakwood’ was extracted. Stating that the mentioned stone has the structure of onyx, Kohen said: “Peakwood reflects a tree pattern by the way it looks. The stone which has a limited production in this stage can be used instead of onyx in the entrances of hotels, bars or in special areas of houses”.

On the other hand, pointing out that the RD studies in the new mine sites continue this year Kohen stated that the studies for takeover of new mine sites in Turkey continued.

India will be concentrated on as the quotas have been removed

Yaşar Kohen mentioned that 2017 had been completed with positive figures for the company and they had exported 100 thousand tons block marbles in 2017. Stating that they aim an increase of 20 percent this year, Kohen emphasized that they were active especially in Chinese and Indian markets. Mentioning that they plan to concentrate more in India as the quotas have been removed, Kohen said: “We have also started to get better project and works as we have been active for the last two years in the sized market, and to sell to new countries. We have planned to direct our faces to European countries and countries as Indonesia and Malesia that buy products with high added value. As the company we plan to take place in India, China Xiamen and Izmir fairs within the year”.

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