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Producing natural stones as block, plate and sized products with the seven marble quarries within its auspices, Özçınar exports 90 percent of its production and sells the 10 percent to the domestic market. Canan Çınar, Sales and Marketing Director of Özçınar Mining, stating that they have a capacity of 75 thousand square meters block, 150 thousand square meters plate and 300 thousand square meters sized products annually, said: “We form in accordance to the trade and taste of today by using advanced technology and with an environmental friendly approach. We have block, plate and sized products of Ottoman, Burdur beige, light emprador, Muğla White and travertine”.

Stating that they employ 350 people in their facility on a total of 25 thousand 500 square meters, 13 thousand 500 of which is covered in Denizli, Canan Çınar said they started with the exportation in 1999. Saying that they are in the sector for long years, Çınar mentioned: “We have become a company reaching out to all sides globally, as we have been participating to these fairs. 90 percent of our production is exported, and 10 percent is in the domestic market. We send our products to USA, China, England, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar among the foreign markets. Our Ottoman marble has become a global brand”.

Pointing out raw material is what differentiates the companies in the natural stone sector, Canan Çınar informed that they first establish the patents of the natural stones in line with that. And stating that they could increase the market share in the sector by participating in the fairs abroad within the scope of KOSGEB subsidies provided by the state, Çınar emphasized that 2017 was in line with their expectations and was better than 2016. Saying that they realized the production, sales and export targets by 90 percent in 2017, Çınar said: “We believe that this year will be similar to 2017. Therefore, we do not plan a new investment. Because now we are using 50 percent of our capacity. But we can increase our capacity in accordance with the demands”.

Stating that they put on the market the products extracted from their own quarries, Çınar said they prioritize the customer satisfaction. Explaining that they had a growth of 15 percent last year, Çınar said their target this year is to reach to the growth rate in 2017.

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