Özer Mermer wants to increase the production and expand the export network


Özer Mermer, exporting dominantly to China and Middle eastern countries, aims on one hand to expand the export network and increase its production capacity on the other. Stating that they produce the types of light beige, dark beige, Emperador, light beige, salome, bordo grizo, Muğla White and Muğla Gold in the marble groups in blocks and sized, Begüm Özer, Director of Export in Özer Mermer, stated that 6 million dollars of their annual 8-million-dollar turnover was gained through export. Stating that their new market searches continue, Özer said: “We plan to maximize our production and increase our export share primarily to China and India”.

Expressing that they have been operating since 1985 as Özer Mermer, Begüm Özer emphasized that annually they produce 200 thousand cubic meter block marble in their quarries and 400 thousand square meters tile in their factories Underlining that they have 200 employees in their facilities, Özer expressed that the 30 percent of their products were sold in domestic market and 70 percent in foreign markets. Stating that they have two marble factories on a field of 100 thousand square meters, 10 thousand square meters of which is roofed, Özer said that they exported to USA, Bangladesh, Egypt and European countries besides China and Middle eastern countries.

Mentioning that they would like to expand their export network, Begüm Özer said: “Our 2017 performance was close to our expectations. As a result of the RD studies we conducted in 2017, we started operating two new quarries. These quarries started to work as of February of this year. We can start operating new quarries in accordance with the demands to be born and global markets, in addition to our existing studies as of today”.

Expressing the target of opening new facilities, Begüm Özer said: “We plan to invest on fields in Eskişehir and Muğla and open a new plate facility. We aim to maximize our production capacity by increasing our quarry investments in the Muğla region with the increased demand. Therefore, our investments on construction machines continue”. Assessing the sector, Özer emphasized the fact that the Law on Mine had been amended with new regulations and the costs in the marble sector had increased and said: “Our sector is very risky and production costs are high. License permissions, forest and operation permissions, administrative fees have become quite a burden”. Expressing the importance of state subsidies in sparing additional budget for RD, Özer added that the subsidies and aids of the state to the sector should be increased.

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