Dolomite and Uludağ White are the new favorites of Yüce Mermer


Increasing its exportation share in the production with the new quarry investments and RD studies up to 97 percent, Yüce Mermer has expanded its product range by adding Dolomite and Uludağ white to the Ottoman beige, sofita beige and silver marble quarries. Started the production in Orhaneli district of Burs Dolomite is on demand in plates and tiles, besides block marble. Stating that Dolomite attracts the attentions in the sector with its wide reserve, proper structure for block production and investments on the infrastructure, President of Executive Board of Yüce Mermer, Erol Yüce said that they exported this type to many countries, primarily the European ones.

Determining the investments upon the RD studies and detailed feasibilities, Yüce Mermer started the production after intensifying its studies following the detection of high amount of reserve with the reserve studies carried out by Mine Faculty Department of Istanbul Technical University. Stating that Dolomite is accepted in the market in a short time for its size and quality of the block dimensions, easiness of cutting and processing of the blocks in factory, Erol Yüce said: “Significant investments have been made to the quarry upon high demand. We export products processed in our Gemlik factory, besides the block marble”.

Pointing out that Uludağ white that stands out with its textural features, can be preferred for all the structures planned to have a long-life cycle, Yüce emphasized that this marble could be used as vertical and horizontal coating material in interior and exterior. Yüce said: “Uludağ white is produce in blocks and plates. Our new products can be used for art studies like statues and colomns”. On the other hand, Yüce mentioned that they had started the tile production of one centimeter through book-match plate production for the demands on special projects in 2018.

Sending 85% of its production to China

Expressing that 85 percent of the block production is sent to China and 10 percent to India, Erol Yüce said: “We provide in blocks for exportation, Sofita from our Bilecik quarry, Uludağ white and Yüce Dolomite from our Bursa quarry, Dream Grey from our Balıkesir quarry, Silver Galaxy, Ottoman, Baiyulan, Sugar beige from our quarries in Isparta , Besides China and India, we export to Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy and Greece”. Stating that they exported the products processed as plates, sized and tiles in Gemlik factories, Yüce underlined that they exported those to America, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Middle east, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.

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