Karan Makina started ‘plating’ the machines with RD projects


Developing the marble machinery with the RD projects conducted, Karan Makina keeps the esthetics affront in the product range of the year. The company will exhibit for the first time the plating modernization of the polishing machine, for which they applied to be patented, in the 24th Marble Fair to be organized in İzmir. Mustafa Karan, General Director of Karan Makina said: “We have created the new modernized version of our current polishing machine by applying plating. Machinery plating provides a better protection against corrosion since they are made with complete composite materials. In this way our machinery has become stainless and easily cleanable. The paint also does not remove with tiny impacts”.

Stating that they shine out this year with the machine they have modernized after intensive RD studies, Mustafa Karan explained that they also planned a plating modernization for the other machines. Informing that they have applied for the patent of the product, Karan said they would also exhibit the multiple banded sizing machine they had been granted the patent of and the mobile wire cutting machine that they had produced for the first time in Turkey. Karan stated that they would exhibit five different machines in their stands.

Expressing that they export 40 percent of their production, Mustafa Karan said that they sent products primarily to Arabic countries, and Spain, Bulgaria, and Turkic republics. Stating that they aim new export markets, Karan explained that they would like to increase the share of export to 60 percent in medium term. Karan also informed that they gave franchising abroad. Stating that they increased the turnover by 35 percent in 2017, Karan said: “It is hard to foresee the growth due to the uncertainty the country and the surroundings are in this year. We aim to focus in RD and make our machines more with added value”.

Spare part of a machine produced in 1989 can still be found

Mentioning that they also provided technical services, Mustafa Karan said: “We can rapidly reply to the needs of spare parts, since we can do any kind of production in our auspices. Spare part of the first marble machine we produced in 1989 still exists”. Stating that they have a RD team of six, Karan emphasized that they employed 25 people in a covered area of 5 thousand 400 square meters.

On the other hand, stating that they had invested on a quarry in Büyükorhan in the previous years for the purposes of first tests of their machines, Mustafa Karan said: “When the working conditions got heavier, we decided to give up on running the quarry. Currently we purchase block marble and cut it”. Expressing that they would like to modernize the production facilities, Karan said that they would also purchase an area from Maden OIS.

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