Konmak put the new plate sizing machine to the market


Konmak, producer of marble processing machines, put the sensitive plate sizing machine that it developed with the support of TÜBİTAK to the market. The machine has the capacity of sizing 1.200 square meter products in one shift. Hilmi Konyalıoğlu, President of Executive Board of Konmak, stating that they are on constant search for developing their products, said: “We have two TÜBİTAK projects within this scope. We have graduated from one. We have developed a machine that prepared the marble plates for exportation by giving them a sensitive cut. Our machine shines out with its capacity. Our machine sizes a thousand 200 square meters in 8 hours”.

Hilmi Konyalıoğlu stated that they commercialize the sensitive plate sizing machine and put it in the market. Konyalıoğlu stating that the marble plates are with breakages, said: “This machine gets the image of the stone entering to the operation line and you enter the number of stones as well as the size wanted. It calculates the most productive way of cut and automatically cuts. You just take out the material and put it in the boxes”. Stating that they have sold 10 of that machine so far, Konyalıoğlu said: “There is no global example as such. an Italian brand has done before, but the capacity is too much and therefore the prices are very high. Our machine is around 350-400 thousand dol- lars whereas the Italian machine is around 1,5 million dollars. Because we have simplified the machine and made it smaller and more functional”.

It will exhibit the low capacity machine in the Marble Fair

Stating that the sensitive plate sizing machine is faster, cuts more sensitively and increases the productivity and quality in comparison to the bridge saw machines, Konyalıoğlu said: “The second Project approved by TÜBİTAK is the sensitive plate sizing machine that we developed for enterprises with Lower capacity. This does all, what the big machine does, but produces 200 square meters in eight hours. we plan to complete it within a year and put it to the market, as well. We will exhibit it in the Marble Fair 2019. The price will be around 400 thousand liras”. Underlining that they were registered as design center in April 2017 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Konyalıoğlu emphasized that a team of 13 produced continuously projects in the center.

Explaining that they export 70 percent of the production Konyalıoğlu said: “We have given the weight to the domestic market in this period to balance the sales in domestic and foreign markets. We export to 15 countries, primarily to Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Bulgaria and Italy. We aim to increase our turnover to 40 million liras this year, which was 20 million in 2017”.

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