Güralp Vinç, produces tailor-madefor the marble sector


Güralp Vinç will focus on expanding its market range on one hand, while steering for custom production to increase the share of high added value products. Güralp producing custom products in line with the needs of the marble sector, has ultimately made a transfer cart specific for the sector. Alparslan Kurtmen, General Director of Güralp Vinç, stating that they have produced an electric mobile Crane, said: “A significant part of our production consists of standard products. The share of products with added value based on automation is around 10 percent. We aim to increase it up to 40 percent in medium term”.

Alparslan Kurtmen mentioning that all the machines they produce are in the status of smart machines, said that they were the only company making a commitment to the European Material Handling Federation (FEM) through their connections in Turkey. Kurtmen, stating that they produce cranes for indoors and outdoors to the marble sector, said: “We have developed a transfer cart to resolve a problem of a client in the marble sector. This will work as a part of the machine. 12 teams consist of 36 transfer carts. The marble industrialists will save on time and costs with this”.

Kurtmen mentioning that they will be an alternative in the domestic market to the imported products with high added value, stated: “We perform product development Works to reduce the import inputs related to our field of business. We export 30 percent of our production. Within the last period, we started to give a significant amount of products to Europe through our distributors. We are on an increase in Canada and South Africa, where we are new in the market”. Kurtmen emphasizing that they would like to expand their market network, said: “We could not pursue much in the Middle east, but we are still there. We have received some returns after our decision to participate in the European fairs. We have entered to the markets of Germany, France, Denmark, Nordic countries, Canada, and USA. We are taking steps regarding India. Far eastern market is not easy, but we are trying to progress”.

“The work of several machines is expected from one”

Kurtmen stating that the work of several machines is expected from one due to the costs, said: “We dispatched four cranes with a capacity of 120 tons, span of 24 meters, on our brand to Germany. The company both gets the advantage of cost and saves on space in the plant thanks to this Crane, which Works with the approach of high speed in tonnages and low speed in high tonnages”.

Kurtmen stating that they had started their operations in 1991 in Kısıkköy Industrial Site, on an area of 200 square meters, said: “we produce in an area of 51 thousand square meters, 15 thousand of which is covered. 270 people, 29 of whom are engineers work in our premises. Our products are used in 60 countries. We founded the first RD center in the sector in 2017 and we have 39 personnel working there”.

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