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I used to send my two kids on the school bus only be­cause I couldn’t pick them up af­ter school but there was no op­tion for a one way trip so had to pay the full fee. The trip would nor­mally be less than 10 min­utes by car but took nearly one hour on the bus. The fees were more than if I sent them in­di­vid­u­ally by taxi. My chil­dren com­plained be­cause the buses al­lo­cated were only of a size to cater ex­actly to the num­bers trav­el­ling so were crowded. Then they started com­plain­ing be­cause the buses had a bad smell. Ini­tially I thought they were ex­ag­ger­at­ing but then saw that many of them were trav­el­ling around Dubai dur­ing the day when school was in and were be­ing used to ferry hot and sweaty work­ers be­tween con­struc­tion sites. Not want­ing to of­fend the work­ers but why is a bus reg­is­tered for school use be­ing used for other pur­poses and then the fees be­ing so high? I elected to move to a house closer to the school so the chil­dren could walk. Prob­lem solved. Hap E Days Dubai he or she in­tends to sell the prop­erty, and the same land­lord is now leas­ing out the unit again. How­ever, if it is the new land­lord that is go­ing to lease the prop­erty out now, al­beit through the same bro­ker, then it is within the law to do so. Any form of lease would def­i­nitely have been il­le­gal if the no­tice had stated that you were be­ing asked to va­cate be­cause the land­lord in­tends to move into the prop­erty or have fam­ily mem­bers liv­ing in it. Write­lySaid

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