More than 44,000 speed­ing tick­ets is­sued dur­ing three-day storm in Dubai

7 Days in Dubai - - DEAR 7 DAYS -

“I for one got a fine for driv­ing BELOW speed limit! Be­cause the road was flooded and there was a truck try­ing to over­take me. I don’t even un­der­stand why it’s le­gal for trucks to drive at all dur­ing bad weather. They drive crazy.”


“Maybe a case of cam­era mal­func­tion or rain droplets mess­ing with in­dica­tive speed or some­thing. I per­son­ably didn't see many peo­ple driv­ing com­par­a­tively faster than other days..”


“The day will come when the ra­tio of fine de­fault­ers would be more then ve­hi­cles.”


“So based on 44,526 speed­ing tick­ets be­ing is­sued can this money be in­vested in speed cam­eras that work i.e. av­er­age speed cam­eras that mea­sure the av­er­ages of each driver. Thus stop­ping the brake/ac­cel­er­ate sce­nario of driv­ing here. Speed cam­eras aren’t a de­ter­rent to reck­less driv­ing, ac­tual bans are the only true de­ter­rent. Or the plac­ing of Av­er­age speed cam­eras to pre­vent the stop-start driv­ing we all take part in. Ban th­ese peo­ple as they would be in other coun­tries, a fine is purely a slap on the wrist for some­one driv­ing a 250,000aed ve­hi­cle, let’s be re­al­is­tic. The weather was in­deed aw­ful, but the reck­less driv­ing caused many ac­ci­dents re­sult­ing in most of us tak­ing 7 hours to reach Dubai from Abu Dhabi.”


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