‘Dubai is truly filled with kind-hearted in­di­vid­u­als’

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In re­sponse to the let­ter of the cou­ple who were helped by the Le­banese guys (7DAYS, March 21), I found my­self smil­ing as I re­mem­ber the times I en­coun­tered car trou­ble in Dubai. Twice, I was helped by very po­lite In­dian guys. The third time I was with my fam­ily and a group of about eight Pak­istani guys on Jumeirah Beach lifted my car when the tyres were buried. Be­fore that a very kind Euro­pean with his lit­tle son tried to of­fer help as well. All th­ese times, no­body wanted to ac­cept my small ges­ture of ap­pre­ci­a­tion. Such a hum­bling ex­pe­ri­ence. Dubai is truly filled with gen­er­ous and kind-hearted in­di­vid­u­als. All I can do is pay it for­ward in my own way. In­deed, what a beau­ti­ful and won­der­ful world. God bless their hearts. Grate­ful Asian lady, Dubai Quite in­cred­i­ble. This isn’t the first time I have been shocked by prices, re­cently Dhs46 for a car­ton of or­ange juice in an­other su­per­mar­ket. There clearly is not any regulation on prices here which means that it’s ok to charge what they like. Sorry but I could have bought a main course and a drink for th­ese prices. Some­thing needs to be done about this. It’s just bizarre how re­tail­ers have the gall to op­er­ate in this way. En­raged E Dubai giv­ing ad­mis­sion to me and school bus will not take me”. For me nurs­ery and UK cur­ricu­lum would be very ex­pen­sive. Isn’t she be­ing de­prived of the right to education at right age? For next aca­demic year she will be ex­actly 1 year older than her class­mates - how is that jus­ti­fied? Shouldn’t we have some grace days? Smitha Dubai

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