I only want a short-term lease, what can I do?

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My ten­ancy con­tract is due for re­newal on March 26. I had ev­ery in­ten­tion to re­new for an­other year but just in the past few weeks, I had news from home that my father has been in and out of hos­pi­tal with a se­ri­ous ill­ness and await­ing test re­sults to de­ter­mine the full ex­tent of his ill­ness. My wife is due to de­liver our se­cond child on April 10. We have also just paid the fees for our daugh­ter’s fi­nal term at nurs­ery. With all this in mind, I tried to ne­go­ti­ate with our agent/land­lord to see if they would be open to ex­tend­ing our ten­ancy con­tract just for 3 months (to be paid in full up­front) so there would be enough time for my wife to give birth and ar­range a pass­port for the new­born and repa­tri­ate back home to Aus­tralia in the event my father’s med­i­cal test re­sults are not pos­i­tive. Un­for­tu­nately, the agent ad­vised that the land­lord re­fused the re­quest and is in­sist­ing that the year’s con­tract be


re­newed (one year’s full rent in one cheque). There is a penalty pay­ment clause that states if the con­tract is bro­ken early I must pay a 2-month penalty. How­ever, the re­al­ity is if I break the con­tract nine months early, I will not get any re­fund af­ter the 2-month penalty is de­ducted. The con­tract can­not be trans­ferred or sub­leased ei­ther. I un­der­stand the land­lord is within his rights to en­force the same terms, but I guess I was hop­ing for some com­pas­sion. Is there a reader out there who could help me find a so­lu­tion to this prob­lem? I am fast run­ning out of ideas and most im­por­tantly time. Pray­ing for a mir­a­cle Dubai any­one no­ticed how great the weather is in Dubai at the mo­ment? Go fly a kite at the beach, go camp­ing, have a bar­be­cue, at­tend an open air con­cert, play some golf, or go to a craft mar­ket and tell me that Dubai is not just such a great place to be at the mo­ment. MP Dubai

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