Bad driv­ers will al­ways be around, no mat­ter the rules

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Bad, dis­cour­te­ous driv­ers will re­main just that. Speed lim­its will make no dif­fer­ence to them. At any speed, they will be a haz­ard to other driv­ers. If they did not re­spect the cur­rent speed lim­its, they will prob­a­bly not re­spect new ones. Bad driv­ing at any speed could cause a crash. The ex­tent of dam­age can only be de­ter­mined by the ac­tions of the driv­ers in­volved at that par­tic­u­lar mo­ment. The only way to make the roads safer is by driv­ing re­spon­si­bly. Mak­ing that hap­pen goes well be­yond driv­ing schools teach­ing the right way or au­thor­i­ties im­pos­ing fines. A lot of it has to do with an in­di­vid­ual’s per­sonal eti­quette as well. Hav­ing no care Joshua Dubai

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