Can we ban noisy driv­ers from tear­ing round Ma­rina late at night?

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Why are there so many im­ma­ture ‘adults’ driv­ing around Dubai Ma­rina late at night, es­pe­cially week­ends, with their silly loud en­gines? What’s the point? Is your ego or man­hood so small that you al­ways need to over­state your pres­ence? Af­ter mid­night it should be il­le­gal for these over-thetop loud ve­hi­cles to be driven around res­i­den­tial dis­tricts. All cars/bikes should be sound tested when be­ing reg­is­tered and if your en­gine noise is over a limit then you shouldn’t be al­lowed to drive in cer­tain ar­eas be­tween cer­tain times when the rest of us are sleep­ing and try­ing to earn a liv­ing. Mr H Dubai She is not as dan­ger­ous as her cousin the Aus­tralian Red Back spi­der, of which I am a vic­tim my­self! We also have the fid­dle back spi­der here - an­other brown spi­der that is much more of an is­sue as it causes nasty in­fec­tions if you are again sen­si­tive to their bites! But again she is a shy lady and will only bite when pro­voked. It is sen­si­ble not to let an­other non-na­tive spi­der species to breed here like the Red Back has due to the com­pe­ti­tion of food to our na­tive species and and the risk of more bites to the young and elderly. Al­ways best to call an ex­pert. Miss Red (back) Dubai

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