Emi­rates ID cards could be used to help im­prove safety on school buses

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“My per­sonal opinion is that chil­dren un­der the age of 6 shouldn’t use school buses. In some coun­tries the age limit is even higher. I have seen lit­tle ones not be­ing able to tell me their names who come by bus to school. Not fair on the child and cer­tainly putting all the re­spon­si­bil­ity on the bus driver and mon­i­tor. Not to men­tion sick chil­dren ar­riv­ing. Good for ev­ery­one look­ing into these is­sues... us­ing EID how­ever will just be the same as is­su­ing any other card. Chil­dren lose them. We have tried every­thing from colour bands to cards to fin­ger­print­ing... un­for­tu­nately when it comes to tod­dlers (es­pe­cially at the start of the aca­demic year or af­ter a break) staff, driv­ers, mon­i­tors, par­ents are un­der un­be­liev­able stress to en­sure bus safety for these young ones. I can­not help to feel so sorry for all in­volved.”


“It’s hard work to get every­thing in or­der on that bus. It’s a big has­sle even for us bus mon­i­tors. Us­ing EID will just end up in loss of these cards. If a stu­dent in Year 9 can lose three bus cards in one term, what about Emi­rates ID?”


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