If you can’t keep up with speed stay out of left lane

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As some­one who takes part in mo­tor­sports se­ri­ously it al­lows me to fully un­der­stand the dan­gers of driv­ing, thus mak­ing me very keen on road safety. It is a known fact that ex­ces­sive speed­ing is very dan­ger­ous. How­ever, be­ing too slow in the wrong place can be dan­ger­ous too, such as the far left lane on a high­way. This should be pri­mar­ily used for over­tak­ing the ve­hi­cle in front, which many peo­ple are aware of. The dan­ger comes when some feel that as long as they are not in the far left lane, they can go slower than the gen­eral traf­fic in the sec­ond-to-left lane, some­times go­ing as slow as 80kph where the traf­fic is trav­el­ling at 140kph. This be­hav­iour is very dan­ger­ous in that ve­hi­cles try­ing to get to the left lane, or com­ing out that lane, would gen­er­ally be trav­el­ling near the speed limit, and hav­ing a ve­hi­cle that is trav­el­ling con­sid­er­ably slow can be a cause of sud­den brak­ing or swerv­ing. For the sake of the safety, if you are not com­fort­able driv­ing at the speed along with the gen­eral traf­fic, it is ad­vised to stay in the right side lanes. Over­tak­ing should be done from the left side with proper in­di­ca­tion. If you no­tice that traf­fic around you is trav­el­ling faster than you or you are be­ing over­taken from the right side, it would be ideal to move over to the right lane. Wish­ing ev­ery­one safe and re­spectable driv­ing Just a guy who likes driv­ing Dubai

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