Happy to pay for fa­cil­i­ties yet I’m still turned away

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My son loves bas­ket­ball, liv­ing in a apart­ment its dif­fi­cult to give him the space he needs to prac­tice. We live in Sil­i­con Oa­sis and the community cen­tre that ser­vices the res­i­dents of Sil­i­con Oa­sis has a both a ten­nis court and bas­ket­ball court. I ap­proached the se­cu­rity of­fice to pay and book the court for an hour. I was told that the cost was AED 100 for an hour BUT you need to be res­i­dents of Ce­dre or Se­mer Vil­las. If I am not a res­i­dent of ei­ther villa community I can­not book the court, even if am will­ing to pay for it. Boast­ing of a such a vi­brant community I think the Sil­i­con Oa­sis Author­ity should take it in to con­sid­er­a­tion that if some­one wants to PAY and book the court, they should let them. Why is this fa­cil­ity only for a selected few? We are will­ing to pay the said charges and even will­ing to let other kids come in and play on our time booked and payed for. Mike, Dubai dogs for hunt­ing, guard­ing live­stock and guard­ing crops. Apart from this in Is­lam a dog is con­sid­ered to be im­pure and we are not al­lowed to touch them spe­cially if the dog’s skin is wet. Fur­ther, if a dog licks a Mus­lim per­son he or she needs to clean the area seven times with water and one time with soil of the earth at the be­gin­ning. Since Is­lam con­sid­ers the dog as im­pure an­i­mal we do not want to go near them or feel un­com­fort­able if some­one brings a dog in­side the lift when we are in it. Other cul­tures might love to keep the dog and even sleep with them but the cul­ture in Mid­dle East­ern coun­tries is not in favour of dogs. This is where one has to re­spect the cul­tural sen­si­tiv­i­ties and tol­er­ate oth­ers. If the dogs can speak they will tell you “Madam please do not keep me in this coun­try, this weather and en­vi­ron­ment does not suit me etc.” On the other hand, those men and women who do not love hu­man be­ings talk about bad chil­dren as if only in these coun­tries you have bad chil­dren. Do not com­plain about dogs’ rights but first think about hu­man rights. Shabir, Dubai

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