Se­cu­rity guard: I was forced to sign two con­tracts some firm could bend rules

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“If it sounds un­fair to you, do not sign the con­tract. There are plenty of other com­pa­nies and coun­tries to work in. It is only when peo­ple refuse to sign con­tracts and com­pa­nies strug­gle to fill jobs will things change. If peo­ple keep sign­ing up to con­tracts like this it will only drive em­ploy­ment con­di­tions down. If you sign this, your next re­newal will be one day off a month, if you sign that con­tract, guess what? No days off. Will you sign that one too?”


“It was good you didn’t sign. There has to be a valid ex­pla­na­tion from your work stat­ing why they have changed it. Also, one would think that, with less time off, you would get com­pen­sated. Con­tact the min­istry for some in depth ad­vice.”


“If they do the same to 14 other se­cu­rity guards, they save on the salary and hir­ing process for one more per­son into the com­pany. Ter­ri­ble tac­tics from what I as­sume would be busi­ness grad­u­ates sit­ting at the top.”


“Re­port to the Min­istry of La­bor . Ide­ally for Se­cu­rity it should be 12 hours a day with a once a week off.”


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