Why is law dif­fer­ent for ex­pat and Emi­rati ad­dicts?

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I thought my eyes were de­ceiv­ing me when I read the front page on Wed­nes­day! A drug-ad­dicted Emi­rati should go to re­hab but an ex­pat au­to­mat­i­cally goes to jail?! The piece went on to say that drug ad­dic­tion is an ill­ness which should be treated as such... un­less you’re an ex­pat. What about peo­ple who made Dubai their home for 30 years but suc­cumbed to drugs? Do they not de­serve the same help as the lo­cals? Can some­one please ex­plain to me why the law should be any dif­fer­ent? I don’t con­done drug tak­ing and have never taken drugs of any kind in my en­tire life but I just don’t un­der­stand this! Per­plexed Dubai rea­son ar­eas are now named on brown road signs and these are well af­ter the main sig­nage. In most coun­tries brown signs are only for di­rect­ing to com­mer­cial ar­eas like shop­ping ar­eas and leisure fa­cil­i­ties etc and not sub­urbs or res­i­den­tial ar­eas. Di­rect D Dubai

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