Is there a law to help out em­ploy­ees when it comes to de­layed salary pay­ment?

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Is it con­sid­ered de­layed salary if the pre­vi­ous month’s salary was given in the sec­ond or third week of the fol­low­ing month? I am not sure if there is a law that specif­i­cally states when em­ploy­ees should get their monthly salary, or what time frame de­ter­mines a de­layed salary. But imag­ine the bur­den if you got your March salary by third week of April. It is even worse for those whose salaries were not given for two months. I be­lieve there is a law that states you can leave with­out no­tice if you haven’t been paid for two months, and there is also a law about em­ploy­ers pay­ing penalty for de­layed salary. Are th­ese be­ing en­forced? EP Dubai hol­i­days are time to un­wind but we end up get­ting long es­says or home­work that doesn’t help with the top­ics to hand in. Most teens don’t smoke cig­a­rettes but an ara­bic pipe called med­wakh with a type of to­bacco called dokha to give them a 30-sec­ond buzz, which then wakes them up so they can work with­out feel­ing tired or sleepy. Many stu­dents are also smok­ing in school toi­lets be­fore they have a test in class or if they did not get enough sleep due to them stay­ing awake do­ing home­work or just watch­ing TV. I per­son­ally think schools should give less home­work over the hol­i­days and week­end but not stop giv­ing home­work that is ben­e­fi­cial to the stu­dent such as a for­eign lan­guage class. Anony­mous UAE Where are the peo­ple who are in charge of th­ese ar­eas, should they not be pro­vid­ing 10.000 bot­tles of wa­ter for their work­ers. It seems that things get done a lot here by the good hearts of oth­ers. Gripe Dubai

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