Risks to tak­ing out a loan in the UAE are no se­cret

7 Days in Dubai - - LETTERS -

In re­sponse to the let­ters and com­ments about jail­ing peo­ple for debt, what I don’t get is that most of you here who are say­ing its all so un­fair… it’s not that any of this is a se­cret! You all knew full well when you took the loan or card, signed on the dot­ted line, that if you fail to pay back a loan in the UAE you go to JAIL! You as­sumed the risk which ap­plies to ev­ery­one! For some rea­son, when it hap­pens to YOU and you call the bank, you are sur­prised that they don’t make a spe­cial case for you! That you will be able to find a job quickly and all will be just fine… I am not say­ing its a great sys­tem but it is what it is! What should the bank do? You lose your job and they know within 30 days you must leave the coun­try! The only way to keep the pressure on you to re­pay is to keep you here in hopes you pressure your fam­ily, friends, strangers to help you out! Again, its not a great sys­tem but it has never been a se­cret! If you take a loan its a risk here, wake up! Mark Dubai there many others like me? I am sure there will be many others too who will be en­joy­ing the beats and up­dat­ing their play list. Khalid Dubai

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