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The Lon­don Sleep Cen­tre’s ad­vice for new par­ents:

New­borns have no sense of night and day. They learn this from the be­hav­iour of hu­man be­ings around them. It is quite nor­mal at the be­gin­ning of life to have a chaotic sleep pat­tern.

For the first six months, ba­bies will fall asleep pretty much any­where, any time. They grad­u­ally be­gin to be­come more aware of their sur­round­ings and be­gin to de­velop a rou­tine.

The best way to set­tle your child is to put them in their cot at a time you have no­ticed is a com­mon time for them to fall asleep (this could be 9pm or later and won’t nec­es­sar­ily be at 7pm).

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