Kiosks in bus stops a good idea but space is lim­ited

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I no­ticed that RTA has been busy mak­ing a few changes at the bus stops. I be­lieve the plan is to have a lit­tle kiosk in the bus stop which is re­ally con­ve­nient. The only ques­tion is what next for the pas­sen­gers dur­ing the sum­mer be­cause space is now lim­ited! Shane Dubai un­reg­is­tered bro­kers who are not just in the mar­ket, but dom­i­nat­ing it, openly flout­ing the law! Why is this hap­pen­ing? The fault lies with the par­ties deal­ing with them. Ten­ants see a de­cent, af­ford­able prop­erty, and find it of­fered only by un­reg­is­tered bro­kers. Their choice? So they (al­beit re­luc­tantly) take the prop­erty. For­tu­nately, most of those trans­ac­tions are other­wise le­gal and rel­a­tively has­sle-free. Many land­lords choose to deal with un­reg­is­tered bro­kers. Why that is, I won­der. Lower com­mis­sions crossed my mind, among other rea­sons. Af­ter all, a prospec­tive ten­ant has to pay the bro­ker a com­mis­sion for renting the prop­erty. Re­gard­less of the fact that ten­ants of­ten find the prop­erty them­selves, and the ‘bro­kers’ have no def­i­nite an­swers to their ques­tions about chiller charges, etc. Even some­thing like Ejari - which, by law, should paid for by the ten­ant but reg­is­tered by the land­lord - is some­thing the bro­kers tell the ten­ant to get done them­selves, if the lat­ter re­ally wants it. Such prac­tices put both land­lords and ten­ants at risk. If some­thing un­to­ward does hap­pen, and ei­ther party reg­is­ters a com­plaint, au­thor­i­ties like RERA are lim­ited in the ac­tion they can take. Write­lySaid Dubai un­cul­tured masses. There was a time when young pro­fes­sion­als were young and pro­fes­sional but now it ap­pears that brunches and, more­over, Dubai in gen­eral has its own un­de­sir­able in­fes­ta­tion of CHAVs! Apostrophiser Dubai

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