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Olivia Munn “un­in­ten­tion­ally” lost more than 5kg on the set of X-Men: Apoca­lypse. The 35-year-old ac­tress - who stars as Psy­locke in the Marvel movie along­side the likes of Jen­nifer Lawrence and Michael Fass­ben­der - dropped the weight while work­ing out for her role as the su­per­heroine. She said: “It was not in­ten­tional. I was try­ing to learn how to do all of the stunts. My char­ac­ter’s the last to be brought into the story. They weren’t ex­pect­ing Psy­locke to do a lot of fight­ing in the movie, but when I had signed on, I said that’s some­thing that I re­ally wanted.” She feared that if she didn’t do the fight scene her­self then it would be cut from the film’s fi­nal edit. She added to E! News: “I started train­ing ev­ery day with Taek­wondo and sword and stunt and wire work.”

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