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Some ex­pats are choos­ing to leave the UAE rather than pay the ris­ing costs of ed­u­ca­tion and rent. That’s the view of one of Dubai’s lead­ing fi­nan­cial ad­vi­sors. “The in­crease in ed­u­ca­tion costs is largely due to two fac­tors,” said Keren Bobker, se­nior ad­vi­sor at Hol­born As­sets fi­nan­cial con­sult­ing firm. “The first is that schools are per­mit­ted to in­crease fees each year in ac­cor­dance with KHDA guide­lines based on their in­spec­tion re­ports, so many will keep on in­creas­ing when­ever they can. The sec­ond is the dearth of places. “Many schools are full and so it be­comes a case of sup­ply and de­mand,” she said. “As fewer and fewer ex­pats have feath­erbed salary pack­ages where the em­ployer cov­ers all costs, the im­pact of rapidly in­creas­ing school fees is be­ing felt by many and is one of the rea­sons that some ex­pats are leav­ing.” And she said in­fla­tion could rise fur­ther. “Whilst I don’t see any real jus­ti­fi­ca­tion I would not be sur­prised if we see fur­ther in­fla­tion­ary in­creases in the sec­ond quar­ter of 2016,” she added.

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