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Dis­cover the univer­sal lan­guage of dance

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Ari­adna Naveira has been danc­ing, pretty much since she could walk. Com­ing from a fam­ily of tango dancers, she learned her first rou­tines with her brother, Fed­erico.

“I have been danc­ing since I was three,” she ex­plains. “Though when you’re that young, it’s not about the style, it feels kind of like a game.

“My fa­ther, my mother and my brother all do tango.”

The dance orig­i­nated in the 1880s, along the River Plate - on the bor­ders of Ar­gentina and Uruguay, and the Ar­gen­tinian na­tional teaches tango, with dance part­ner, Fer­nando Sanchez. The two have been danc­ing - com­pet­ing and teach­ing - to­gether for years, trav­el­ling around the globe.

And they’ll be teach­ing be­gin­ner, in­ter­me­di­ate and ad­vanced tango lessons this week­end at the Dubai Tango Fes­ti­val.

Ari­adna ex­plains one of the most cru­cial el­e­ments par­tic­i­pants can learn in tango is sim­ply how to gel with your dance part­ner, whether you know them or not.

“Tango is an en­counter with some­one. You don’t need to know them, their name or who they are. Tango is a univer­sal lan­guage,” she ex­plains. “We will teach many things, in­clud­ing how to lead and fol­low. It’s about two peo­ple lis­ten­ing with their bod­ies, care­fully. There are so many steps, and moves you can do, so the most im­por­tant thing is to lis­ten to your part­ner’s body.”

Ari­adna at­tributes her chem­istry with part­ner Fer­nando to a shared pas­sion of tango - she says the two clicked in­stantly: “I think we work so well to­gether, be­cause we share the same pas­sion. We feel the mu­sic, and if you feel good with some­one, you start to syn­chro­nise with them.

“We matched to­gether from the be­gin­ning and have grown to­gether. And, I think, be­cause we sim­ply en­joy danc­ing to­gether.”

And don’t worry if you strug­gle with bust­ing moves on the dance floor. She ex­plains: “It’s im­por­tant when you go to a class that you go with an open heart. Don’t go with any spe­cific ex­pec­ta­tions. Just go, and feel. Try to un­der­stand what tango is about...and wear com­fort­able clothes. It’s a lit­tle bit dan­ger­ous – once you go in, you can’t leave. Go to en­joy it, and have fun. It’s not just about the tech­ni­cal as­pects.”


STORM: Ari­adna Naveira and part­ner Fer­nando Sanchez will be teach­ing tango work­shops this week­end. See tan­go­

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