We need a hard shoul­der cam­era on the 611 please

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I hope they in­stall one of these new cam­eras to catch hard shoul­der driv­ers on the 611 from Dubai to Shar­jah. Whilst most driv­ers sit in the rush hour traf­fic in the evening en­dur­ing the slow crawl home, there are a fleet of driv­ers who con­sider them­selves above the law and flash past every­one on the hard shoul­der - with noth­ing to do but sit and inch for­ward like every­one else I re­cently counted the num­ber of driv­ers who sped past on the hard shoul­der - no less than 86 in the short space of 4km. Even the pres­ence of a po­lice pa­trol car in the mid­dle of the hard shoul­der is no de­ter­rent - they muscle their way back into the traf­fic un­til they have passed it, then get back on the hard shoul­der. A cam­era to record them all would go a long way to ease the frus­tra­tion of the driv­ers who are do­ing it by the rules. Frus­trated com­muter, UAE

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