Zoos may not be per­fect but they’re safer than the wild

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It seems all too easy for peo­ple to say bad things about the new sa­fari or that an­i­mals should be re­turned back to the wild. But the sad truth is that there is very lit­tle wild left on this planet that is safe for the wildlife. If it’s not the poach­ers hunt­ing them for their skins and body parts then it’s cor­rupt gov­ern­ments de­for­est­ing their home to make a quick dol­lar be­fore their time is up in of­fice. We are liv­ing in a mad and crazy time were the almighty dol­lar is worth more than our chil­dren’s fu­ture. While the places like the sa­fari or zoos are not the ideal place for these an­i­mals they should be seen as a safe place for these an­i­mals to take refuge un­til the mad­ness stops. As long as the an­i­mals are kept in the best pos­si­ble and eth­i­cal way. So be­fore any­one says that the an­i­mals should go back in the wild they should first an­swer a few ques­tions. 1. What wild that is safe can we put them in? 2. The an­i­mals that are no longer able to go back to the wild be­cause they have lost their skills to sur­vive, should go where?

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