Why is giv­ing way on the roads so dif­fi­cult for some?

7 Days in Dubai - - DEAR 7 DAYS -

There’s a driv­ing habit that I’m see­ing more and more of th­ese days. Here’s how it goes: I’m in a lane, in­di­cat­ing right to move over, there’s a car in that lane that wants to be in my lane to exit left (bad road de­sign IMO). In­stead of al­low­ing you to move out and they fil­ter in be­hind, the driver will speed up, un­der­take you and pull across into your lane. My ques­tion is, why do peo­ple do this? Is it somekind of ma­cho con­test, an in­fe­ri­or­ity com­plex? I’d be in­ter­ested to hear. Neil, Dubai

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