Dog own­ers just want a place to walk their pets

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I would like to re­spond to your ar­ti­cle re­gard­ing dogs off leash (May 26). As a dog owner my dogs are never off the leash un­less we take them to an in­door play area as in my area there is nowhere to take them. I ap­pre­ci­ate that there are a few dogs here who can be ag­gres­sive when off leash and this is un­for­tu­nately the fault of the own­ers as most of th­ese dogs have not be so­cialised prop­erly. Also I know the cul­ture here to­wards an­i­mals es­pe­cially dogs is very dif­fer­ent from my home coun­try. What dog own­ers need here is a des­ig­nated area within a park which can be fenced off to al­low dogs and their own­ers to so­cialise in. In my ex­pe­ri­ence hav­ing al­ways owned a dog, they like to so­cialise with other dogs - they are af­ter all a pack an­i­mal. In­stead of a ban, can we have a fine im­posed for lazy own­ers who do not pick up af­ter their pets. And please can we have an area to take our pets where there is plenty of sand and parks in Dubai. Dog owner Dubai

I am the owner of a res­cue dog and keep her on leash as re­quired and al­ways pick up af­ter her. But this new plan for a leash law is very sad in­deed. This might truly make even more dogs home­less and be­lieve me the bur­den on the peo­ple who care to save and re­home them is al­ready so big. Yes I un­der­stand that there is peo­ple who call for this to hap­pen and in some cases can’t blame them ei­ther. How­ever, please give dog own­ers ar­eas where they can be with there dogs with­out leash and in that case no one else would be up­set by it. Please I call on those in charge of the leash law pro­posal to help and find res­o­lu­tions for all in­volved. Gripe Dubai for??? I am fed up with th­ese right­eous know it alls that think every­one here has cash spilling out of their pock­ets. Loans and debt have been around since the dawn of time; they are far from ideal but some­times a nec­es­sary evil. Dave UAE

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