First day in job and told I was no longer needed

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I re­ceived an of­fer let­ter from a com­pany, which was signed and sent back to them, for which I re­ceived a con­fir­ma­tion. But on the day I was due to join they emailed that they do not re­quire my ser­vices any­more. I tried con­tact­ing them through email later but that was in vain. Ru­mours are they had re­ceived a stronger ref­er­ence of some­one else, so they of­fered them in­stead. No one de­serves to be treated like this. Can I do any­thing in this case? Do I have any right to use ac­cord­ing to UAE labour law? Do I get any com­pen­sa­tion? I would be grate­ful if there would be any way I could get any so­lu­tion or com­pen­sa­tion to this. Stay­ing in a coun­try like UAE, I am sure there would be some so­lu­tion from the la­bor law. Sin­cere job­seeker, Dubai

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