Aisles in su­per­mar­kets are as crazy as the roads

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Shop­ping in crowded hy­per­mar­kets with trol­ley cart is like driv­ing through traf­fic con­ges­tion. No mat­ter how safe you drive if some­body just de­cides to walk in the mid­dle of the road, ex­pla­na­tion of the scene not re­quired you can imag­ine the con­se­quence. Now think of shop­ping in hy­per­mar­kets and su­per­mar­kets where chil­dren run about like they do in play­grounds, peo­ple try to move their trol­ley cart care­fully in the mid­dle of chaos and then you can see peo­ple drag­ging their cart in the junc­tion of the aisle. Some­body wait­ing for the cart to move but then an­other per­son de­cides to drag their cart and get hits, scary look and mum­bling isn’t pleas­ant. It can ruin some­body’s day es­pe­cially sen­si­ble ones. Here are few tips:1. Be­fore you take kids for shop­ping ex­plain why run­ning here and there can cause them­selves and oth­ers prob­lems. 2. Don’t leave your child unat­tended while they are seated in­side the cart spe­cially in the mid­dle of the aisle. 4. Don’t drag trol­ley carts with one hand, use the han­dle given. My sym­pa­thy to all those who com­mute through con­ges­tion. Salma UAE of wealth here. A 600AED fine could be half of one driver’s monthly wage but noth­ing more than pocket change for an­other. The Swiss use a formula based on the driver’s in­come and sever­ity of the of­fence. In 2010 they is­sued a speed­ing fine equal to 3.5 mil­lion dirhams. That might get a few driv­ers’ at­ten­tion! Apostrophiser Dubai

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