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Dr Trilok Chand’s tips on kick­ing the habit

Write down the rea­sons you need to stop smok­ing. The rea­sons could be for your own health, to set a good ex­am­ple for loved ones, or to pro­tect your fam­ily from be­ing sec­ond-hand smok­ers. You need to have the will­ing­ness to quit smok­ing as this plays a big role in suc­ceed­ing.

It will take a lot of ef­fort and com­mit­ment from to quit smok­ing. Know­ing that nico­tine is ad­dic­tive will help you deal with those with­drawal symp­toms that can oc­cur, such as bad moods and the urge to smoke.

Take baby steps in order to quit smok­ing. Take it one day at a time or at any pace you are com­fort­able with in order to suc­ceed.

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