I was tail­gated and I end up in trou­ble

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I had a bad ex­pe­ri­ence with tail­gat­ing last week. It hap­pened when I was on Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to­ward Abu Dhabi di­rec­tion. My aver­age speed is not less than 115kmph and not more than 120kmph and that day I was in fast lane. A woman tail­gated me, flash­ing lights and honk­ing the horn. I raise my hand up (hand sign ask why?), af­ter that I changed to the sec­ond lane for her to pass but she fol­lows me and when I change back to fast lane and she change to fast lane too. Then within five min­utes, I re­ceived a traf­fic com­plaint mes­sage from the RTA. This made me heated! When I call back to the RTA the per­son was un­able to tell me what ex­actly the com­plaint is. I try to ex­plain what ac­tu­ally hap­pened for more than 30-40 mins but they in­sist I need to have the num­ber plate for them to log a new com­plaint to the other car. I told them the car num­ber plate but they said it was no record (maybe the no. plate I have was wrong). There was noth­ing I can do and I end up with a warn­ing record of my car! Help­less driver Dubai

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