Prang driver is urged to own up to what they did

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I would like to make an ap­peal to the driver of the white Nis­san Pa­trol with Abu Dhabi plates who sideswiped my son’s Pa­jero while he drove to Dubai from Abu Dhabi on Satur­day night. Please ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­ity for your ac­tions and make your­self know to Jebel Ali po­lice. My son’s done noth­ing to de­serve this from you, he saved up to buy that car and be­cause of its age only has third party in­sur­ance. He’s now sav­ing up again to re­pair the da­m­age you caused. If any­one out there knows the driver of the Pa­trol with dented in right hand side maybe you could men­tion this to them and point out that their ac­tions have hurt some­one else! Dented Fen­der Dubai my chil­dren not to run around in the restau­rant. Sadly we bumped into this same woman again, this time in the lift. With an in­de­scrib­able, evil look of hate she looked at the chil­dren sev­eral times mum­bling some words we couldn’t un­der­stand. Af­ter seeing this my 6 year old daugh­ter couldn’t hold back her tears. I didn’t know what to say. If this woman is a racist, then this is the last coun­try she should come to! My ad­vice to her is that the best place for her is home, so chil­dren can be safe of her rude be­hav­iour. She has ab­so­lutely no right to frighten any child out there with her evil at­ti­tude. I know many great Westen­ers out there, so I don’t have any bad in­ten­tion with men­tion­ing her race. But I think it should be men­tioned as I felt her hate and dis­gust to­wards us as in­di­vid­u­als. Na­dia Dubai

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