Busi­ness­man pays Dhs18 mil­lion for num­ber plate at auc­tion

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“He spends this amount of money for a plate num­ber while there is some­one some­where who wishes to have the cheap­est car: works hard,spends time and ef­fort to get even the small­est type of car. Both are test. Wealth and poverty. May AL­LAH grant us the mercy and suc­cess in this life and the next. Ameen!!!”


“It is his earn­ings. He is free to spend the money in any way he de­sires. It is not his fault that some peo­ple are less for­tu­nate. Who knows, maybe he is silently con­tribut­ing to char­ity too.”


“He is the one who has made all his wealth. And ac­cord­ingly it's up to him how he wants to utilise. Right. Hate it when some peo­ple make their plans to how some­one else should spend his own money.”


“He must be do­ing alot of char­ity but it's never enough. And buy­ing a plate num­ber for such a amount is never ever jus­ti­fi­able... Be­sides noth­ing be­longs to us we came empty and we will re­turn empty. As much as it is a test for him with so much money it is a test for the oth­ers who are cry­ing for a loaf of bread. May Al­lah make it easy for us and not make us de­sire for such 'lucky' things.”


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