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Na­dia Parekh, founder of home-based cater­ing com­pany Mélange, has pro­vided a num­ber of dishes for Homey’s Guide to Healthy Ra­madan Recipes. The fan­tas­tic on­line se­lec­tion of 40 de­li­cious and healthy dishes comes from Beat Di­a­betes, the com­mu­nity-fo­cused ini­tia­tive from Land­mark Group. Na­dia has some great tips for a health­ier diet dur­ing Ra­madan…

The point of the cook­book is not to tell peo­ple who have fasted all day not to eat. The idea was for peo­ple to en­joy nice, sim­ple, real, nat­u­ral and whole­some food. But just to re­place some of the in­gre­di­ents with more healthy op­tions.

For the veg­e­tar­ian shep­herd’s pie for ex­am­ple, us­ing sweet potato in­stead of nor­mal potato im­me­di­ately adds ex­tra fi­bre and ex­tra vi­ta­mins, and also cuts car­bo­hy­drates.

For the chili quinoa, (above right) I added a lot of beans. You get your pro­tein and fi­bre from that and the quinoa is such a great com­plex carb as it re­leases en­ergy very slowly and for a long time. It keeps you full for longer and it is a very rich dish. A few spoons and you are good.

In terms of dessert, I made a Greek yo­ghurt tart in­stead of a sour cream one. It is half the fat and half the calo­ries but the taste is ex­actly the same. And also for the peach crum­ble, I didn’t use any re­fined sugar. It was all nat­u­ral: maple syrup, honey and palm sugar. I also switched out the wheat flour for al­mond flour in the crum­ble and the peaches are grilled with co­conut oil. There is a lot of easy ways to switch out un­healthy in­gre­di­ents for healthy ones and it does go a long way.

For if­tar we ba­si­cally rec­om­mend car­bo­hy­drate dense food - whole­grain and ce­real, not re­fined prod­ucts. Re­fined prod­ucts re­lease calo­ries at an ex­tremely fast rate and make you feel hun­gry much quicker. Whole­grains and ce­re­als pro­vide the nec­es­sary calo­ries and sugar the body De­li­cious and healthy dishes such as Na­dia’s amaz­ing quinoa chili, salmon Welling­ton and a di­vine choco­late and rasp­berry tart are all avail­able to down­load as part of the Homey’s Guide to Healthy Ra­madan Recipes book. Nabz&G also con­trib­ute to the book which is part of the Beat Di­a­betes ini­tia­tive. Down­load for free at has been de­prived of the whole day and re­lease calo­ries a lot slower. But re­mem­ber to have a small if­tar be­fore eat­ing a big­ger meal as the di­ges­tive sys­tem takes time to take in the food when it hasn’t eaten all day.

In the morn­ing, juic­ing is a great op­tion. It is an ef­fi­cient way to get nu­tri­ents in a short space of time when you are not hun­gry. I’ve been putting to­gether dates, fruit, veg, honey and yo­ghurt with a side of oats. It is not easy to wake up and eat a meal at 3am but this is a great way of chug­ging down all your food groups. It is great, just re­mem­ber water too.

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