I have a lung con­di­tion, it’s not TB but will I be banned?

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I am thirty some­thing Bri­tish man who has just been di­ag­nosed with Sar­coido­sis of the lungs. This as you may or may not know is a non-in­fec­tious lung con­di­tion that causes in­flam­ma­tion in the lungs. I have ac­tive lung in­flam­ma­tion present and I am be­ing treated via steroids to re­duce this and pre­vent fi­bro­sis. My ques­tion is: would I pass the UAE med­i­cal, which in­cludes chest X-ray? My con­di­tion can be mis­taken for TB but I def­i­nitely do not have TB. I have heard that if it is mis­in­ter­preted as TB I would be de­ported. The con­di­tion would not pre­vent me from per­form­ing a job in nor­mal cir­cum­stances. Any ideas? Deep Breather, Dubai

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