Ra­madan should be a time to re­flect on our driv­ing habits, says reader

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“How about we scrap the idea of re­flect­ing on road safety dur­ing Ra­madan…..and just be­have our­selves on the road all year round? Why should a cer­tain time in the year high­light the fact that an un­se­cured child will suf­fer in­jury or death if not se­cured prop­erly? Or that sud­den lane changes can cause ut­ter car­nage re­lat­ing in in­jury or death? Or……..you get my point. I ap­pre­ci­ate the sen­ti­ment of your let­ter how­ever drivers in this re­gion need to come to their senses that au­to­mo­biles are killing ma­chines if not given the right amount of re­spect! Ra­madan Ka­reem.”


“Such a lovely let­ter that will go com­pletely un­no­ticed…al­ready on the first day of Ra­madan there were over 250 ac­ci­dents… Ra­madan is the most dan­ger­ous time to be on the roads in the UAE and I for one think peo­ple who do not have their wits about them should NOT be on the roads in the first place as it’s putting the en­tire coun­try at risk. The thought of al­ready id­i­otic drivers now driv­ing with no en­ergy and clar­ity scares the liv­ing day­lights out of me. I pray for ev­ery­one’s safety this Ra­madan, you’re go­ing to need it.”


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