Why do peo­ple lose de­cency when they move here?

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To­day I par­al­lel parked in a lane that runs down from one end of the street to the other end it has un­bro­ken white lines and cars can legally park there. I was beeped by a woman in her a car so I walked over to her. She started to lec­ture me about il­le­gal park­ing - which I was not. She told me to move my car. I told her if she couldn’t get her car out of the bay then she shouldn’t be driv­ing. She had the full length of a car an half space to get out. She pro­ceeded to again to tell me off about il­le­gal park­ing. She was Aus­tralian and so am I. My point is if she spoke to some­body like that in Aus­tralia she would not get away with it at all. So what makes peo­ple lose all sense of de­cency and man­ners? Peace Lover Dubai

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