Just be­cause my dog is cute doesn’t mean your chil­dren should pat him

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I know he’s cute, fluffy and small. He’s also a guard dog that’s very pro­tec­tive of his fam­ily. This is a plea to par­ents who see a ran­dom per­son walk­ing their dog in the dis­tance and in­stead of telling their chil­dren to stay away or ed­u­cate them on per­sonal space and safety, will en­cour­age the chil­dren to run to the dog scream­ing and want­ing a feel of the ‘new toy’ they don’t have at home. Al­though it is not my re­spon­si­bil­ity, I have shielded many kids away and taught them about the proper treat­ment of an­i­mals more times than I can count. There were times I had to yell and phys­i­cally carry the dog in my arms be­cause the chil­dren wouldn’t back away de­spite sev­eral warn­ings that he is not friendly to­wards strangers. I know he’s cute, fluffy and small. He’s also al­most 10 years old and has sev­eral med­i­cal is­sues. We ac­tively avoid places with peo­ple and al­ways stick to a walk­ing sched­ule in times when very few adults are out, let alone kids, but to no avail. Our fam­ily has been called selfish and mean when we don’t let any­one grab the dog, but in the same time, we’re ex­pected to be re­spon­si­ble for these chil­dren’s safety and will be ag­gres­sively blamed if the dog re­acted to scream­ing, hair pulling, or get­ting hit with sticks or stones. I’m sad to say I’ve even wit­nessed grown adults en­cour­ag­ing their kids to con­tinue their ha­rass­ment with no re­gard to the poor lit­tle ter­ri­fied soul hid­ing be­hind our an­kles. He’s not here for show­ing off or pres­tige, and he’s def­i­nitely not a play thing. It’s not our re­spon­si­bil­ity to en­ter­tain your chil­dren, or be a dis­trac­tion so you could “have a break”. Please re­spect my fam­ily’s space as we re­spect yours. Na­dia S UAE

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