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Do you want to be the best driver of Dubai? Get in lane with enough an­tic­i­pa­tion. Do not drive over the con­tin­u­ous white and yel­low lines (think of this as if the paint is fresh and you don’t want to spoil your car). Never en­gage re­verse if you miss an exit; just con­tinue un­til next exit. If you ap­proach a round­about, take the right lane if you want to turn right; take the lane in the mid­dle if you want to go straight and take the third lane if you want to turn left. Do not drive on the shoul­ders; Do not drive over the chevrons; Stop at Ze­bra cross­ings.

Stay in your lane; Use emer­gency flash­ing lights only in case of emer­gency, not when you are slow­ing down. Both hands on the wheel, 8:00 and 4:00 po­si­tion (it used to be 10:2 po­si­tion but now you have an ABS bag). Don’t be aggressive on the road; be kind and tol­er­ant. Mo­bile phone? What phone!!! Jaime Lopez Dubai

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